01/10/05 - 01/16/05???


I hope everyone survived the bitter cold. I do believe we are suppose to warm up. I know I spent most of the week in my mukluks and parka dreaming of pina coladas!

My condolences to the Viking Fans (some of my friends are queens fans :-( Now who are we cheering for? I think it is a number game now! Ya know what I mean $$$

Bowling for me was awesome this week. I subbed on Monday and had a high game of 189. Wow where did that come from! Wed the Trading Post team won only one game! Hopefully we didn't lose too much ground in the standings as we were in 1st place!

Pool league was a fun one as usual! Some crazy woman was really annoying! hehe! Larry Lois has Maki syndrome. He has only lost 3 games all season! One to Phyllis Maki, one to Stan Maki and one to Pete Mackey! Go figure that one! Wayne Boelk and Phyllis won all four games this week! In the playoff Wayne prevailed for the 12 pack. We will see what happens next week!

My good well wishes to a motel guest as he was in a snowmobile accident on sat morning. It was a bad accident and he was knocked unconscious but his friends announced he was doing OK! The snowmobiling was great except for the chilly temperatures. Seems a few from Iowa had to take the pickup out one evening and shoot some film! Everyone had a great time! Trails are awesome they all reported. The Motel is filling up fast with the trails being so good! Think MORE snow!

I hope everyone is healthy and happy!

Have a fun safe week!




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