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01/17/05 - 01/23/05???




Happy snow week to all! I hope everyone is all dug out after our last snow shower. The snowmobiling is AWESOME. I even got a chance to get out on Friday. My sled bit the dust after 175 miles! And boy was this Bod sore! I even had throttle thumb. ARGH! Friends from Minnesota took me on tour. I hope Safety Stan's head is healing and Steve is on the mend! Thanks guys for including me!

Welcome to the Wee Klan as well---newcomers to the Barnes area! They found that sledding is awesome in northern Wisconsin!

Elliott has been seen roaming the motel on his Kitty Kat! A cute site at that!

Pool was fun fun! I even shot and won one game. Wayne and Ken won all four games! Ken won the shootout! Seems every Thursday for pool the weather is bad!

Bowling was a hoot! Seems we weren't in the bowling mood but more interested in travel plans. Right girls? I think we mustered one game! Better luck next week!

We had a very very busy week with all the snowmobilers! Great job staff! I have the BEST employees in the universe! LOVE YAS!

Congrats to Dick Colyard on his recent retirement! We partied on Saturday in celebration. Many were there in his recognition. Nancy will remain working and also leaving Dicky do lists!

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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