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01/24/05 - 01/30/05???




Wow what a busy week. Sounds like a broken record....sounds like a broken record.

Elliott and I went to a motel after the busy weekend. He also had a teacher's in service day on Monday. So NO...he wasn't skipping school. (Hopefully he won't take after Mom that way)

Wed bowling was ok. My thumb was hurting after it blistered....nice excuse for bowling poorly! I think we won one game.

Pool League night was awesome! We surprised Pete and Shirley with a party celebrating there 50th Wedding Anniversary. WOW....I am impressed! That is a long time with one person. You too are the best!!!! Larry and Phyllis won all four games. Larry won in the shoot off!

There have been many sledders around. The trails are getting there workout. I have had many motel guests. Seems the WEE Klan likes us :-) My snowmobile should be back in commission soon!

Welcome back to Vic and Linda they had a mini trip to Laughlin....Linda's only complaint didn't make enough and it was back to work! Sorry Sweetie...I think you should retire...hehe Sorry Rook and Ken! Friends Tim and Jane are in Jamaica....having a ball I awesome.Yeah MUN!!!!!!!

My thoughts are with the Wellhaven Family as Chet had an mishap this week. Not sure on his condition but our prayers are with him and his family! Also prayers for Marilyn as she has a blockage and had to be rushed to the hospital. I hope everything is working out. Also thoughts to all who are suffering....Peace to all of you!

Sat--Elliott and I went overnight to Crossroads Camp between Drummond and Delta. It was a sleepover. We enjoyed a sled dog demonstration and a few lucky kids got to mush. We snowshoed...I need to do that more some pounds off! We also went sliding down a huge hill! No casualties either. We did a craft as well. Crossroads is a unique place with many cabins. Rumor has it it is used for many retreats. It truly is beautiful. I wanted to stay the week. Thanks Art for the Hospitality!!

Finally the Big Bucks Festival is Sat...get your tickets now. We changed the format this year. Same prizes but we are selling no more then 600 tickets and the price is $25 dollars. This is for our major fundraiser for the Eau Claire Lakes Business Association.
We put out those nice glossy brochures telling about Barnes/Gordon area. It also serves as a map and has numerous references to the business who are members. We are a low budget organization and need help. Our dues are very minimal. If you need further information please email me!






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