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02/07/05 - 02/13/05???




Happy Valentine's Day to all my sweeties!!!!!!!!!

It has been a sloooow week! Most of the snow was gone until last night! We had temperatures around the 60's. We did get 4-5 inches of wet snow last night. A bit melted but not all. It is supposed to cool down now! Think more snow! Everyone do their snow dances! Please! Please!

Ice fishing has been good!

Elliott and I enjoyed a couple BB games at Drummond High! They won one Monday night against a good team, Butternut. They played well. Congrats to my neighbor Joey he had a terrific game! I am thinking ahead I guess. Maybe Elliott will be the next Larry Bird and Mom can retire! HA HA!

Bowling was good on Wed as we swept the other team. I had a good series as well! WE all did! Way to go girls!

Pool was fun as usual! Stan Larry and Doug all won all 4 games. Larry winning the 12 pack again 3 weeks in a row. Ken had his sites on winning but............he choked I guess! Condolences to Ken and Bev on the loss of Ken's Father!

Reminder Loree is still singing Wednesday nights....Wings are 25 cents as well!

The barstool races are Saturday and my team is planning our strategy. Go team go! I sure hope I am in one piece after this! The races are in Drummond at the Black Bear Inn and start at noon proceeds are to the Drummond Snow Jacks, a great cause and a great time! Come see!

Have a great week everyone!





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