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02/14/05 - 02/20/05???




It was a busy week as usual!

My condolences to Jenneane and her family on the passing of her Mother Evelyn Benson. The funeral is Thursday in Lacrosse WI. My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

Snow mobiling was decent this week! We also got more snow on Sunday. We are suppose to continue to get my snow during the week!

Elliott and I went to Drummond's Boys basketball game on Monday night. What an awesome game. The varsity team winning. Elliott and I both enjoy going!

Wed bowling was fun as usual. I also bowled this morning. I should be primed for state bowling tournament in Madison in April.

I have spring fever BIG TIME! Many of my friends are going to exotic warm tropical places. I need to start looking or else it will be spring here!

The bar stool races were a hoot as usual. I did okay. I stayed on the stool every race. Well almost the first race I slipped backwards in the crease between the seat and the push bar. I did receive some injuries....although it could have been a lot worse. Black and blue on my legs from the stool. No broken bones however. I also received a trophy for 3rd place most creative! Hmmmm, I think it was rigged! The blackberry was flowing and we all had FUN FUN! Thanks pit crew!  Check it out...........
Everyone had fun at Pool League. Ken finally won the 12 pack! See ya all Thursday!

My thoughts are with my brother on Wednesday as he is having surgery to repair a hernia. I hope all goes well Dan! Elliott and I will be thinking of you!

Elliott had a very fun was winter carnival. He got to wear his jammies on Tuesday...hippie day was Wed(I related to that one)....hat and tie day on Thursday and Drummond colors on Friday! What a way to break up the winter! I hope all the kids had fun!

Have a great week!
See ya next time!





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