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02/21/05 - 02/27/05???




Yet another fun week!

The weather has cooperated and dumped about 8 inches of snow on Sunday. Yippee....more snow equals more snowmobilers equals more revenue generated to the area, which equates to - yup...MORE FUN!!

Bowling was fun this week! I bowled on Monday and Wednesday. I bowled my average. Yippee again!

Wed I headed to Lacrosse for the funeral of Jenneane's mother. I am very glad I did! Grandma Benson as I call her was a very special lady to both myself and Elliott! She will never be forgotten and has lived a full life!

Kathy had her surgery on Friday. All went well. She is in St Mary's in Duluth. She is supposed to be there 3-5 days! Best wishes Kath and a speedy recovery!

My brother Dan's surgery went fine as well. Get well Bro! Love ya!

Elliott skied the Barniebirkie in Hayward. He did fine and had a great time. He said he finished 40. There were approximately 1300 kids. Unfortunately I was at a funeral and couldn't see him ski. On Sat morning the kids ski team had a water and hot cocoa stand at the starting line of the American Birkebeiner. This was my first time to this event. Simply amazing! Congrats to Kent Mackey as he finished in the top 10 in his age bracket for the Kortelopet. GREAT job! I also want to thank Kent for giving my son his child's ski. What a wonderful gesture! Congrats to all that skied!

I wasn't at pool league but a little bird told me he got the 12 pack for winning all 4. Congrats to Greg Martin and Ken Lowery for winning all 4.

I heard the snowmobile clubs benefit was a huge success on Saturday. Bob Goteleare apparently won the Nascar Tickets. Congrats! As usual nada for Sharon. Better luck next time!

Too my friend Bud in Indiana....I can store up the hugs! Wink wink! When are you coming to visit the Fins? Happy birthday to my friend Chris :-)

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy week!

PS Check out the new feedbacks section in my website! Tell your friends to check it out! Snowmobiling is the best right now. The trails are great!





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