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03/07/05 - 03/13/05???




What a week! My friend Chris and I were in Ixtapa, Mexico. It was an awesome time! We parasailed, had massages, drank tequila, walked the beach, met new people and a few we knew! Ate drank and relaxed! Doesn't get any better! I have always heard of beware of Taxi drivers in Mexico....understatement! Right Chris? All in all, a great time! It is always nice to go on vacation but nothing beats Home Sweet Home. I am glad to be back! Thanks to my staff and sitters for Elliott for an uneventful week! You are all AWESOME!!!

Snowmobile Trails look awesome still! Yippee!

Not sure what happened in Bowling. I guess I will find out on Wednesday!

Pool, according to Larry was a good time! Larry only won one game! Ha ha--seems he took side pockets for his last pocket! Duh! No one won all four games, he said!

Look out the St Paddies/Urhos Parade is coming soon! Get your costumes ready! It leaves Downtown Barnes at 1pm. They march to the Barnes Trading Post and stay until 2:30. This is a good time! Beware of the beads!

My condolences to the Jim Walsh Family as he pasted away February 25! He was long time visitor/hunter to the Barnes area. He was with the hunting group Crazy Ten! He will surely be missed!

I guess that is about all the happenings I have.

Until next week....





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