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03/14/05 - 03/20/05???




What a week! Back from Mexico last Monday. It is nice to be home but I am already ready to go again. Although I do have a few traveling plans which will keep my going!

Bowling was fun as usual. We won 5 point out of 7! We are gearing up for state bowling tournaments in April. We are now in the city tournaments. Good Luck to all the girls!

Pool was also a riot. One thing....never listen to Larry. Wayne won all four games the week before. So sorry Bob! Phyllis and Ken won all four. My buddy (( Willis)) won the 12 pack. Congrats! The pool league spring party is April 14.

This weekend was the St Pat's/St Uhro's Parade. This parade is one to NOT miss. The costumes are unbelievable. There were record people here for it. I swear each year it gets bigger and better! If the southern part of WI and MN didn't get that snow storm there would have been tons more of people. FUN FUN FUN!

I am definitely ready for spring! A few of the snowbirds are returning that is always a sign. Spring is around the corner! Welcome back each and every one of you!

Until next week....





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