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03/21/05 - 03/27/05???




Another week has flown by! The weather has been just AWESOME! The snow is melting quickly. I sure hope we don't get one of those surprise storms! I am very ready for spring. We change our clocks ahead on Sunday.

Bowling was fun on Wed we won 5-7 games. Not too shabby! I bowled fairly good. Anytime you make your average it is a real plus. We were bowling single events. Practice, practice.............

I accompanied Chris to the bar stool appreciation dinner given by the Black Bear on Wed evening. Thanks, Joanie for the luscious spaghetti and lasagna!

Thursday Night at the pool league. Ken Stan and Harley won all 4. Ken came out the winner of the 12 pack but gave it to Phyllis. I guess it was ((Whyllis's birthday)) April 14 is our last pool night and we will be having the spring banquet.

We celebrated Easter going to Hinckley for some R&R on Sat night. We dined at the infamous Hinckley buffet on Sunday. Yummy!

Tomorrow I am going to a food show in St Paul. I will be looking for ideas as springtime approaches.  I will be expanding our food menu.

Also we will be having our 2nd Annual 9-ball Pool Tournament April 30 and May 1. Any questions call Ken Lowery at 795-2005.

The bar and restaurant will be closed April 25-28 for remodeling. More about this later!!!

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. Think warm weather and happy thoughts!

Hugs again and again.




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