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04/05/05 - 04/11/05???




Employment opportunity:

Cook 3-4 nights a week. Call Sharon 795-2320.

All is well in the great north woods. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. The ice is out on most lakes. It should make for some good panfishing!

The bowling team struggled. I did not make my average at all. Yikes....I need lessons. Our team won one game. Sorry girls I could not contribute!

Pool went along ok. Thanks Wayne for helping me out in a pinch! Wayne actually ended up winning all 4 games and the 12 pack just in time for his turkey hunting trip. Good luck on getting the bird! Seems Larry and Jeff were discussing their sleeping arrangements for their upcoming Colorado trip. Hmmmm, I wonder what the outcome is?

I left Friday morning for state bowling tournaments. I believe there were 10 of us from 2 bowling leagues. I bowled average. My friend Neil and his wife Ginny met us there. He should have given me lessons. He is a good bowler and use to own a bowling alley. Nice to see you Neil and Ginny!

Congrats to Sandy and Gail for bowling over 200. Congrats to Dorothy for bowling a whopping 243. Kim had an awesome game of 193. We had a great time. Thanks for driving, Barb, even if you were lacking sleep. I sure hope LeeAnn got her raking done. I come home to missing -mom- a-ton little boy. I sure did miss him. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching him. He is very excited about the basketball hoop Ken put up for him. Go Michael Jordan go!

Thanks Chris for helping clean out the messes in the garages!

All the golf courses are open. I need to get out! Soon I hope.

Remember: We will be closed from April 24-April 28 for remodeling. Look for additions to our menu! Also our 9 ball singles pool tournament will be held April 30 & May 1. Please call Ken Lowery with additional questions. 795-2005





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