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05/03/05 - 05/09/05???




Greetings All

It has been a pretty hectic week for me. Well, with a remodeling job, new menu items, a new employee and opening of fishing....sounds very exhausting.

Sorry Craig at Bear Country. I spaced out paying for my gas on the way to Elliott's Cub Scout meeting. I felt like a dork! Then I left my cub scout folders and book at our meeting. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The new floor is complete and is absolutely beautiful. I am pleased with the outcome. Contact Elite Crete for further info on concrete overlaying. Call Chris at 739-6262. Tell him I sent you... He will probably charge you double.... He, he! His crew did an excellent job!

Thanks to Ackley Novelty for storing the games and my extra furniture during the last week.

I didn't hear too many fish stories. Did anyone get the big one?

We started our Monday night Baby Back Ribs Special... It went well. It is $11.95 for a small rack and $16.99 for the large portion. It comes with JoJo's, cole slaw and a parmesan bread stick. Yummy. We also started with Caesar Salads. Chicken or Steak to begin with! We also will be trying Dessert Pizzas. Now we are talking my language.

I want to thank all my employees for their hard work and for believing in me during this chaotic time. You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!

Welcome aboard...Nancy Gohde! She is our new cook!

My Wed golf league was postponed last week but is supposed to start this week! I am ready.

I hope this finds everyone happy, healthy and wise.

Until next week.............





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