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05/10/05 - 05/16/05???




Greetings from the great north woods!

Geesh....I am glad my birthday only comes once a year! Seems like you have to celebrate for a week before and a week after! Thanks to everyone that thought of me sent cards and gifts. I am blessed with many people who care. Thanks Dick for the Cuban!

Golf was froze out for me this past week. 34 degrees and windy. No thanks! I would have had to wear my mukluks and my parka. Doesn't look promising for Wednesday either!

Business is really starting to pick up as almost all the snowbirds are back...almost. I haven't yet seen my buddies Bob and Linda. I wonder where they are?

My buddy Bud from Indiana is here. Apparently he purchased a getaway in Iron River. I will get to have hugs more often. See below Pete Harry and Bud whooping it up! Nice to see you Bud!!!!!!!! It is always a pleasure! Petey and Harry as well!

I went to Wild Rice Restaurant on Saturday night to celebrate. I had never been there. It was a pleasant experience. The food was presented beautiful. The decor is very unique. I felt very special as the wine steward--beverage manager (I am sorry I forgot his name) gave us the grand tour! I was very impressed! Just remember DON'T let Chris order dessert. Comes out cheesy!!!

Elliott got to meet his secret pal at church. Thanks Rita Johnson for being that special friend to my son! Thanks to Carol Berthuime for her dedication with teaching Sunday School. You are my angel!

The rib night was a hit! We are offering Baby Back Ribs on Monday Evenings starting at 4p.m. $11.95 for the small rack and $16.95 for the large rack. Served with Jojo's cole slaw and a parmesan breadstick! We are also offering a new Caesar salad. Comes with grilled chicken or grilled steak and a parmesan breadstick for $7.95. Another salad called the Wilderness Salad is also available. See photo. It has spring mix grilled chicken breast, bacon, cheddar cheese, eggs, onions, green pepper strips and a hint of broccoli. Served with parmesan breadstick. $7.95 as well. Come check out the new floor and the new additions to our menu!

I sure hope the weather starts improving! It has been mighty bleak. Thursday I am suppose to chaperone for my son's school field trip. Off to Wilderness walk we go. I sure hope the weather cooperates!

Welcome to my new employees Nancy Gohde and Brittany Paul! Climb abroad. I just want to say to my other employees...I appreciate your dedication to making the Trading Post and the Wilderness a big success.

Life at the Post was a bit hectic during the remodeling. WE MADE IT! Now let's hope for a great summer! You are the best!!!! Thank you, thank you!

That's all for now! Have a great week!





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