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05/24/05 - 05/30/05???




Greetings to All!
Sorry this got posted soooooooooooooooo late! My computer guy's computer went south!
I think summer has arrived. Memorial Day weekend proved to be better then expected. Yippee! There were tons of people around. Typically speaking it is the opener of summer for cabin dwellers! Welcome to the summer clan!

We were so busy it was unbelievable. "Need to make hay while the sun shines" a good friend told me! My help did an outstanding job. No matter how hard you try you are never totally prepared! GREAT JOB everyone!

My brother was visiting from Milwaukee area. I did not get to see him much as I was busy working. He needs to pick a different weekend to visit. My Dad and Mom enjoyed his company I am sure!

The new menu is going well! If you haven't heard we have Baby Back Rib night on Mondays! We also offer a Caesar Salad and a Wilderness Salad. We have also added a scrumptious dessert caramel pecan! Breakfast is served 7-days a week starting at 7 am. Watch our websites for changing coupons.

Golf day---Wednesday was fun. At least the rain held off long enough. It didn't help the golf game much. Maybe this week will be better. I know the weather certainly will!

Elliott was fortunate to travel with his Godmother to southern WI for the long weekend! He and I are so lucky she is a big part of his life and my for that matter! Love ya' Jenneane!

Next Monday I am the host for the Ashland/Bayfield County Tavern League meeting. It starts at 1 pm. See ya here!

June 6 from 2-4 is a 86 SURPRISE birthday party for Esther. I know she doesn't have a computer so she won't see this! Come on over and wish her well. She is a spectacular person whom has worked hard her entire life! You gotta' love her!

That's about all for this week! I hope everyone has a GREAT week!





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