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06/07/05 - 06/13/05???




Greetings from the Trading Post.

An all-around uneventful week. Even so, summer people are showing up left and right while the weatherman is being nasty. We have had enough rain already. It is hard to plan any events!

Elliott and I decided to book out on the rain. We went moteling it in Hinckley. Not to mention the good food, a great room, Kids Quest and a bit of gaming!

Golf was rained out! So my team which consists of me and Jenneane made up our game on Monday. We should have stayed home as we got rained on and the ball would not cooperate!

The highlight of our week was our getting Zippy, an adopted 7 year old Yorkie. He is a great little guy. Both Elliott and I are very excited.

With the busy season upon us, the new menu items are going over well. Remember Monday Nights are Baby Back Rib night! We also serve breakfast 7 days a week starting at 7 am.

Anytime drink special Bloody Mary $2.00. Happy Hour Monday-Friday 3-6.

Come see your sporting event on our plasma TV or our big screen!

Condolences to the people in Hammond, WI who may have lost belongings in the tornado on Sat night. Thank goodness their were no injuries!

That's about all this week!

Until next time HUGS....




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