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06/14/05 - 06/20/05???




Happy Sunshine to all! What a beautiful weekend we had. The weather sure has changed. I am so elated. We deserve a nice summer and that's that!

Not too much happening this week! The weather is the buzz around! We were rained out of golf....or sorta! It cleared and some went out later in the afternoon. A few of us took a ATV ride to Delta on Thursday. I love visiting Delta. It reminds me of Aspen.

Our big festivities start Friday. The Centennial is the reason. I cannot believe it's here. The committee has planned for about 5 years to make this a special event. I am positive it will be a great turnout! Check the website for times and events. There is something for everyone!

Elliott had a game last Friday and Tuesday. He did very well. It is so cute watching the little ones play little league.
We also did the tourist thing this week. To Hayward: go-carting, shopping at the shops and of course the candy shop. What's a tourist trip to Hayward without visiting those landmarks!

I went to the Turkey shoot on Sat. No turkeys no hams no winner for Elliott in bingo. Just skunked. Boo Hoo! We had fun tho!

Happy Father's Day to all. I took Pops out for dinner to Deep Lake Lodge. It was great! Best Wishes to the new owners Jeff and Sue Miller!

Our dog Zippy is adjusting well to his new home. Elliott and I are sure loving him!

My condolences to the Mike Pooler family as he passed away in a freak car accident!

Thanks too all my help for kicking in extra in this busy time and filling in for those who have been on vacation! You are the BEST!!!

I hope everyone has a great week. Be safe and have fun!

Until next week.....





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