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06/21/05 - 06/27/05???




Greetings from the great Northwood's.

What a splendid week! The weather was magnificent! We had plenty of sunshine and hot weather!

My golf game was ok! I had to make up from the previous week. It was hot and humid. Just how it is supposed to be in the summer!

My friend and I went on a road trip and had lunch at Four Seasons, a nice little resort on Nelson Lake near Hayward. Wisconsin sure does have the resorts!

Being so hot, we had problems with the walk-in cooler, the air conditioning and the power. ARGH! It seems to all come at once! That's biz though! I have the greatest maintenance man! I love ya, Ken!

Welcome back to Larry and Jenneane as they went on a houseboat with family. Sounds like my kind of vacation. Their boat was even equipped with a Jacuzzi! And, they had great weather. I am going next time!

My hats off to Judy Scholtz and company for a remarkable job with the Centennial. Everyone had a good time. I wasn't able to participate in all the activities. The grapevine said all were very eloquently organized. GREAT JOB, COMMITTEE!

Summer is in full gear now. The cars and trucks and boats are all buzzing around. I love that feeling!

Sat from 1-4 will be a celebration of Cecil Doyle's life at the Trading Post. She was a wonderful lady! Come and reminisce!

The fireworks and the parade are both on July 4th. I know I have heard conflicting days. Barnes always has their doings on the day of the 4TH. The ball tournament will be Sat and Sun. Go Barnes Trading Post, go!!!

I hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend! Have fun, but be safe!

Until next time,





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