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07/05/05 - 07/11/05???




I sure can't believe another week has flown by! I guess time flies when the weather is nice! It has been hot and sunny. I am loving it! It is very dry and we do need rain! Not 17 inches like Dennis dropped but rain would be very welcomed.

It has been another busy week! I think everyone who has cabins in Barnes decided to take their vacations in July. I don't blame them.

The motel has been busy especially on the weekends. There was a wedding last weekend. They got married via ATV. That is interesting.

Not too much going on! Elliott and I have been swimming these last few days! He is a regular fish!

My condolences to The Don Foss family as he passed away on Saturday. The funeral is 1 pm at the Barnes Community Church.

Get well wishes to Esther Reznick! I also hear Deb Sesko is doing good! Get well ladies!

I have been seeing a lot of wildlife! We saw a timber wolf and a healthy fox last night!

I hope everyone has a great week. Stay Cool. Be happy!

Until next week,





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