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08/09/05 - 08/15/05???




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Another week in the great north woods! It was a busy hectic week for me! I had the beer cooler go down. I had some employees out of town and some sick. I hope everyone is feeling better!

Elliott got home from visiting my brother in Indiana. He had a great time. Uncle Larry and Aunt Debbie are the best. The go out of their way ALWAYS! Thanks for making him feel special! My parents were exhausted---12 hour drive is a lot for them!

Golf was good. I ended up joining a different threesome since my group wasn't there. Thanks Peg Carol and Nancy!
I also golfed Teal Wing Golf Course. It was very picturesque but the course was in slightly rough shape! Anyway you look at it I had a blast.

My 25th reunion was this weekend. I was able to make Friday night thanks to 2 girls from the softball team. John and Tom picked me up and we went over to the Evergreen late Friday Night! I saw a few we graduated with. It was nice socializing with them! A big thanks to Nikki and Jen for keeping the bar open. I heard they had a blast! Maybe I should be gone more often--he he!

Congrats to RC Decoy for winning the Lions Women's Softball tournament. Office Bar was 2nd and (my girls) Wanderoos was 3rd. Alibi's took the Beer Trophy. Yippee everyone had fun. The corn was fabulous!

Thank you to Loren and Julie for always being there when I need them. You guys are the best! Thanks to Kathy and Jim for their extra help as well!

Thank you Ken and Bev for your continued help in a very stressful few weeks.

Remember: 7th annual Steve Hough Golf Tournament will be Sept 5 at 12:30 at Forest Point. Food to follow at The Trading post. The Mustangs will be playing at 6. Plenty of food fun prizes and laughs. YOU don't have to golf to enjoy. This is a major fundraiser for Drummond High School Scholarship funds. Thanks for you support!

That's all for this week!  Have a great week!





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