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08/23/05 - 08/29/05???




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Wow....It's almost Sept! Where, oh where do the days go?

Elliott actually starts school on Thursday. He is more then ready. He said today that he just wants to go back so he can use and wear his "new stuff"! I am not so sure. He loves to see is old friends and meet new ones! It gets a bit boring being an only child.

Golfing was fun but the score stunk! Elliott and I got out last week with our neighbors. The score wasn't much better. Maybe this week.

The weather has cooled off. So has the tourist season. Many people are staying home this last week to get ready for school. Perhaps the gas prices! I guess we can better analyze after Labor Day. Usually Labor Day is the second busiest holiday in the summer. The 4th being the first, followed closely by Memorial Day.

Elliott has taken up a new hobby! Seems we been trying to catch the big one. I caught a trout last time but I think our goldfish is bigger! HA HA!

I had a nice visit to Minneapolis last weekend. A much needed break after the busy summer. Spent Sunday Night in Stillwater. What a great place! I just love the river, the shops, the food and frolic! Did the exact same thing in Minneapolis.

Bowling starts next week! Golf isn't finished yet! I will have to make up my golf and perhaps miss the end of the year banquet.

September 14 is a very important date. The Eau Claire Lakes Business Association will meet to dissolve the organization. I sure hate to see this end! Much work and effort has been put into this to increase tourist and awareness to our local businesses in Barnes/Gordon area. I urge all businesses to step up and perhaps change our minds in dissolving this WONDERFUL organization! The meeting will be at 7 pm at the VFW. We will also decide how to disperse with the remaining monies in our account! I hope to see all members present!

It's almost here: The 7th annual Steve Hough Memorial Golf Tournament. We will be golfing at 12:30 at Forest Point. Food fun frolic and live music to follow at the Trading Post. All are welcome. All monies are donated to Drummond High School Scholarships. Please help support our community! Contributions may be made in lieu of golfing. Thanks to all that have contributed donations, door prizes, food, time and effort! You know what this means to me! Bless you!

I am one of the chosen ones! Chosen for jury duty that is! I will do my civic duty the entire month of September. Is part of our duty as living in the greatest country. This is a small
price to pay for freedom!

My condolences to all who have lost loved ones, homes etc in Hurricane Katrina. These disasters are devastating. I saw first hand last year when my parents home was destroyed in Hurricane Charley. Thank goodness they were here!

I guess that should wrap it up for this week! Happy 49th Anniversary to my parents. Also best wishes to Both of them as they celebrate their birthdays this week!

Good luck as Hilary, Calie leave to go off to school!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day! I hope the weather stays nice and gas doesn't go to high!

Until next time.........





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