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09/6/05 - 09/12/05???




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Another week gone flying by! It is starting to slow down around here. I don't know if that is good or bad! The leaves are starting to change. ARGH!!! I am not ready for snow are you??

Congrats to my parents as they found a new place to live. As you know they were wiped out by Hurricane Charley! Now they have a place to call home. I am grateful that the Drinkwine's were able to rent to them until they found their new place. The will be making Barnes their primary residence.

Golf and bowling last Wednesday. Did poorly at both! I just got word though that I won first place in the football picks at Sages.Yippee! How on earth did that happen!

We have one more week of golf. I made this one up! Our banquet is at Y-Go-BY....unfortunately I can't make it as I have to bowl! What, me miss a party????????????

I also am still serving my jury duty obligations. I haven't had to make the long trip to Washburn yet! I am ok with doing my civic duty.

Esther Reznick past away Sept 10. There will be no services! Rest at peace Esther. We will miss you, Dear!

My Aunt and Uncle from the Chicago area are visiting this week! I hope they have a good time and win big at the various Casinos!

There will be a last ditch effort to save the Eau Claire Lakes Business Association at the VFW at 7pm Sept 14. We hope ALL members will show their support! We need additional help to keep this organization alive!

Beyond the darkest of clouds, the sun waits to shine again; beyond the shadows of sorrow, peace waits to heal the heart! In loving memory of Steve Hough (6-14-63 to 9-8-98)

I hope everyone has a beautiful week!  Enjoy the moments!





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