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09/13/05 - 09/19/05???




Employment Opportunity --- stop in and fill out an application or call Sharon 795-2320

Wow, what is going on in the world with the weather. Those hurricanes keep coming. Our area dodged a bullet a week ago Monday. Cable Drummond Mason Lake Owen areas were hit hard! Mother nature has definitely been playing havoc with us. My heart goes out to all the Hurricane victims as well. What a mess? And now here comes Rita....When will it end!

Bowling was fun. I actually bowled on Monday as a sub. I did ok!

I got out for a ATV ride last weekend. Hopefully again on Sat to see the colors.

Go Badgers! Maybe they can give the Packers some pointers! Ha ha and of course the Queens need help as well!
As long as my picks and numbers come up.....we are doing ok!

The weather has been nice here. It was 82 this week. Cool night for sleeping and warm days. It doesn't get any better.
I truly believe that this is a great place we live in. Ask me that again when it is 40 below and we have 3 feet of snow!

Stop in for some homemade chili and soup. Or how about a Bloody Mary only $2.00 anytime. We also have happy hour 5 nights a week fro 3pm to 6pm. Don't forget Lore on Wednesday nights. Wings are just 25 cents!

That's about all for this week!

Have a great week! Be safe!

"Never bear more than one kind of trouble at a time. Some people bear three--all they have had, all they have now, and all they expect to have."     Edward Everett Hale





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