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09/27/05 - 10/03/05???




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Wow, the heavens have opened and are pouring on us. It has been pouring since 2 am. We must have gotten 5 inches of rain! Good thing Ole' Maintenance Man finished some extensive work on the gutters. You are the best! Living in sand country helps as well. Maybe the Lakes will elevate some!

Bowling was fun as usual. I bowled my average 2 out of 3. What more can they ask of me? I think we took 5-7 games but not sure. I usually go there and try my best and not worry about nothing else. We were all discussing state tournament. It is in Wausau this year. Nationals are in Reno. Sounds like "slots of fun to me"!

My parents seemed to be settled in their place on Hall Rd. I am glad they have a place to call their own. One year in limbo is enough for anyone. I hope they think the same after the snow flies! Speaking of snow Elliott was just watching the news and according to him South Dakota may be getting 8 inches of snow. Argh ---let them keep it! I am still enjoying the colors and the Indian Summer Temperatures.

Congrats to Chad and Stacey Howe (Jenneane and Larry's children) on the birth of Brendan James Howe born Sunday October 2. Mom and baby are doing well. Little brother Peyton is adjusting too. Welcome Brendan. Cousin Arianna was here too for a visit. She is a gorgeous little girl. I hope you had fun with Grandma!

I heard the bear hunt is going well! Another week for the baiters and then the beer season is finished. Bow hunting for Deer will take over. Even though it has started it has been to warm and the leaves make it difficult to get the "BIG BUCK"
I have heard of a few getting grouse but seems another bird has taken over the wild turkey. Just in time for thanksgiving...yum yum! I guess there is no season...yet!

Go Badgers go! Come on Packers get it together!

The Bayfield Apple fest is this weekend, I hope the weather cooperates! Happy apple pie to all!

I hope this finds everyone healthy and happy.

Have a great week!



Quote of the week:

"We aspire to.....act with the eyes and heart of compassion....We know happiness of others in our own happiness....We know that every word, every look, every action, and every smile can bring happiness to others."
Thich Nhat Hanh



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