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10/25/05 - 10/31/05???




Hello to everyone!

Another week has flown by. The weather has been unseasonably warm. It does seem to be changing now. It has been pretty dreary the last few days.

The T-zone season brought many hunters to the area. I haven't heard a count but I hope they thinned the herds out so I don't hit any! I seen many hunters I hadn't seen in almost a year. Most will be back for regular gun season which is approaching fast. Great Job to my staff for accommodating the busy weekend.

Bowling was fun as usual! I didn't fair very well. It was position week. We were tied for 2. We won 5-7 points. We should be in 2nd place alone. Barb had a 211....congrats!

Congrats also to the White Sox and my Chicago area fans! It was a perfect sweep. Their fans waiting along time for that. The Bucky Badgers won again. Go go go! The other Wisconsin team didn't fair as well as they lost a heartbreaker. We are struggling. I didn't do to well on the football picks either. Better luck next week.

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. A few of us dressed up and fooled everyone! We were incognito. There were many great costumes. The kids had a blast at the Lions sponsored Halloween Party. Those Lion's sure know how to put on a party. Elliott was the scary "Scream"! Blood was oozing everywhere! A few locals had fun on their scavenger hunt. You couldn't believe the outrageous things they were scavenging!

Many of the snowbirds are departing. We sure to envy them migrating to warmer climates. We will miss all our buddies. Have a safe trip and a great winter. Think of us in the tundra with our parkas and mukluks!

Only 45 days till Christmas. Argh...hard to comprehend!

Good Luck to the Mighty Elk Hunters going out west. I hope you bag the big ones!

Pool will be starting Dec 1 at the Barnes Trading Post. It starts at 6.

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Please remind friends and families...we have openings at the Motel for Deer Season.

Until Next week,





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