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11/01/05 - 11/07/05???





Where does the time fly to! It's as though we jet through the days. Already, it is the second week of November. As I was driving today...I was reflecting. I cannot not believe how fast life goes. As I drove, I happen to see a very lovely sight to my left....two beautiful swans swimming around a small pond on County "A"! What a Kodak moment!

My football picks were horrendous. If I keep this up I will be right on the bottom. Maybe someone could email me their predictions. Anything has to help.

Bowling was good. I bowled better thank goodness. We did win one to the first place team. Better luck this week! As usual it is always fun to get out with the girls.

There are many bow hunters around. The bucks are rutting so it makes for some good hunting. Congrats to Paul H as he bagged a big buck with the bow in Minnesota. It was a nice 10 pointer that weighed 245 dressed. Wow what an enormous deer. I even saw photos. Nice! Good luck to the rest of you! As of now the guys out in Colorado haven't got an elk yet! I heard snow was coming which will better their chances.

Elliott had an in-service day from school so we took Grandma to Hinckley. It is always nice to get away. Eat drink swim and roll the dice...Ha ha!

We are losing a waitress. She is migrating to Florida to be near her parents and escape the cold. I don't blame her. We are now taking applications for a part time waitress. Please stop in and fill out an application.

Congrats to the Minnesota Fans...their team won. The Packers didn't fair as well as they lost to Pittsburgh. The Badgers also lost a tough one to Penn State. Better luck this week! Stop in and watch all your sporting events on our big screen and HD TV's!

Remember the Wilderness Inn has openings for deer season. Please call for reservations.

Stop by and listen to Lore Merrill on Wed nights. Wings are 25 cents. Dine In only! Anytime Bloody Mary's 2 bucks! Serving food 7 days a week starting at 7 am!

Until next week.....   Have fun!   Be safe!



Quote of the week:
"To be wise we must first learn to be happy: for those who can finally issue forth from self by the portal of happiness, know infinitely wider freedom than those who pass through the gate of sadness."
Maurice Materlinck



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