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11/15/05 - 11/21/05???




Greetings to all! I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving. We all do have much to be thankful off! It has been a bit hectic around here. Deer Season always brings the orange coats around.

I have heard of many hunters getting deer. It seems most are 8 pointers. I haven't really heard counts but it seems it is really up. Might be because of the mild winters we have be experiencing. Get well wishes to my buddy John S....he suffered an appendectomy while hunting. His buddies Craig and Terry suffered from the bottle flu. Haha!

I am fortunate to have a great clientele of hunters. This is my 29 deer season so many of the guys I do know. Thanks for your patronage over the years. I do appreciate it. Some of my guys don't even bring guns. Right Mike and Dwight? Does Rudy and Pete really hunt??? The Hudson gang seems too slay the deer!

Our bowling team is struggling. It seems to go like that. We all hit ruts. My especially. Congrats to Barb she had a 215 game. Wow I wish she would rub off on me! Welcome back to LeeAnn as she was doing missionary work in Guatemala. That has to be so uplifting and rewarding to the soul.

My football picks continue to suffer as well. I suppose it doesn't help that I do them in 10 seconds. Better luck next time. Almost as bad as the Packers. Congrats to the Queens Fans. Yippee for the Bears!

It was my sons 8th birthday this week. We had a nice time at Splashland in Ashland. We took 5 boys. What a fun place!

Thanks to all my employees for a job well done this week. We always seem to raise for the occasions. You are all super!!!

Happy Birthday to Kim as well she has the same birthday as Elliott.

After this weekend it is time to shift gears and think snow and Christmas. Shop shop shop!

Reminder pool league starts Dec 1 at 6 pm.

Until next week......



Quote: "Life is a precious gift. Keep it wrapped in love."
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