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11/22/05 - 11/28/05???




Greetings from Winter Wonderland!

The snow is glistening and oh so enchanting! I wish the rain we had on Sunday would have been snow. We would have had a pile. Instead freezing rain. Argh.....I hope all the Holiday travelers and deer hunters arrived home safely. Driving on ice is the pits.

The deer season ended quite quietly! It seemed many went home. All in all it was a successful hunt. No injuries to speak of and no accidents.

Bowling went well. I bowled my average all three games. Yippee...since I have been struggling. We won 5 out 7 points. Every little bit helps.

My football picks were atrocious. I am hovering on the bottom of the list. Congrats to the Bears and Queens. I am sorry to say it is rebuilding time for the Pack. I sure hate to see Brett go out like this. He is a remarkable quarterback and doesn't deserve to leave this way!

It is a letdown for many of us as business slows down immensely after deer season. Now it is time to concentrate on Christmas. Let the bustle begin!

Remember! Friday is the Women's Christmas Tea at the town hall. A great way to get in the Holiday spirit.

Are you looking for a place to have a Christmas party think of us. We will accommodate your holiday party or lodging needs. Give us a call!

Pool League starts Dec 1. Our annual Christmas Party is Dec 15. Everyone is welcome. It is a spectacular event.

Happy Birthday to Doris Drinkwine she turned 80 wed Nov 30. She is in Valley Nursing Home in Hayward. Please keep in mind those in the military for their safety. Also the people who are in need of prayer due to sickness.

Think snow. Think snow!!!

Until next time!

Quote of the week:
"Life is something like a trumpet. If you don't put anything in it, you don't get anything out. And that's the truth."
W.C. Handy



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