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12/06/05 - 12/12/05???




Greetings from Winter Wonderland!

The north woods is glistening with snow. Winter is upon us. The ground is covered and shining brightly. It must be the Holidays coming near. I want to take this time to wish everyone a blessed Christmas. Too all my friends and family near and far....may the spirit of Christmas touch upon you and yours! Travel safe!

I've been busy baking this year. I am not sure what has gotten into me. I do enjoy baking. Just as long as I don't feast.

Our annual Pool Christmas party was Thursday. It is always a great time. The girls were hilarious as Santa and the elves. Their sleigh is quite original--a old shopping cart. Everyone enjoyed great eats. Pool was won by Harlan 1st, Wendell 2nd and I lucked out and placed 3rd. In cribbage Al was 1st , Marilyn 2nd and Harry 3rd. There were some beautiful gifts in the exchange and some funny ones as well. As Petey about his. I wonder if anyone got coal? All in all a fantastic party. Thanks to all who participated. It was fun.

It has been pretty quiet around Barnes. Most weekend folks are sticking close to home and preparing for their holiday celebrations. Soon we will be invaded with the vacationers. It seems everyone spends the week between Christmas and New Years up north. We also need the business as it has been slow since Hunting Season.

The groomers have been out. Snowmobiling is starting. Not too many around though. Look out next week. Friends from Minnesota will be up partying and ringing in the New Year. It should be a great time. Lore will be singing. We will have food, fun and favors!!! Stop in!

Bowling was good last week. I believe we took 5-7 points. Yippee! I bowled fairly well. I also filled in on the Monday league. I also did ok there.

Congrats to the Bears. Too bad for the Vikes and the Packers are pathetic. I am sorry they need rebuilding. Too bad Brett is having such a rotten season. He has no one with him.

That is about all for now.

Be safe this Holiday season and please keep in mind the people who are having a difficult time this Season. Whether health or just plain blahs! It can be a very difficult time for many!

Merry Christmas to all!!! May Santa bring you all you want and need and more!!!



Quote this week:
"The gift of happiness belongs to those who unwrap it."



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