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12/13/05 - 12/19/05???




Greetings from Winter Wonderland.

The snow is coming down as we speak. It is a welcome site for all northern businesses. The snowmobilers have been patiently waiting. And Dale (the social director) is finally off the hook! Have a blast this weekend. The will be visiting us! Nice to see all of you!

Bowling was good this week. We took 5-7 points from the first place team...the Ranch. They are very competitive. Yippee maybe we are on the up swing!

My football picks went well...thanks to help from my brother. I changed one...I did not have the heart to pick the Vikings...I wonder how Rick did this week!

I had a great Christmas....I am so fortunate to have a great family, wonderful friends and loyal customers. My brother visited from Indiana. It sure is nice to have him around. I just wish his wife could have been here. Next time! My brother has stuck by me through thick and thin! Love ya Lar!
Thanks for all the lovely gifts from my employees, my friends, my family and the Snow God! You are the best!

Calie and Angela (employees of mine) are home for the Holidays from their respective Colleges. Both reportedly are doing very well. You go Girls!

Good Luck to The Badgers they play on Monday I believe!
Go Bears! The Vikings have been eliminated for another year and so has the Packers. The Packers will now start rebuilding. My hats goes off to Brett Farve he had a tough year. No help! He is one of the greatest quarterbacks in my opinion.

My son received a ATV from Santa...geez I guess he was a good boy! It is warming to my heart to see that he is learning how to give rather then always receive. He also knows who eats the carrots and cookies. Nonetheless the magic of Christmas remains in his heart!

I want to wish everyone of you a Happy New Year! Be safe and have fun! We are having a New Years Eve party. Food FUN and Favors. Lore Merrill will be here for you listening and dancing pleasure. Come help us ring in the New Year!

That's all for this week.



Quote this week:

"Quote of the week: Take time to laugh. It is the music of the soul!"



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