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12/20/05 - 12/26/05???




Greetings to all!

I want to wish everyone all the best in 2006. We rung in the New Year right. Everyone had a great time!

We did get some snow for snowmobiling. The trails are average to good! Not too many sleds around this weekend. I think that everyone thought the trails were crap. Email me if you ever have any questions. My policy is honesty. I want people coming back.

Bowling this week was horrible for me. I did not get my average once. We won one game. So much for our stellar start last week.

My football picks were good last week. I took second.I was hoping to take the first week of the season and the last. I finished way down low. Rick you should have listened to me and not my brother.

I want wish Wendell and Shirley Happy Birthdays!

Get well wishes to my buddy Pete Mackey as he is mending at St Lukes Hospital. We miss you! I hope to see you up and around soon.

The annual Budgy Hall day is Wed. A group of people from Barnes honor him by going around and playing pool. He was a wonderful person. I sure miss him! He was a guy that could walk into a room and everyone thought highly of him!

Congrats to Reed and Deanna Welhaven they had a baby girl! Hadn't pick a name as of yesterday.

That's about all for this week.
I hope my friends are having fun in the Cayman Islands without me!
Have a great week!

Think snow, snow, snow!

Until next time,



Quote of the week:
"Take care of the minutes, and the hours and years will take care of themselves!"




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