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01/10/06 - 01/16/06???




Greetings to all!

Do you honestly believe this weather? It seems like March weather. We still do have snow but it is going away quickly. I had a motel full this past weekend. They said the trails were rideable. I have also seen numerous ATV's. We are expecting snow Monday night. I sure hope so. I have a group of Vintage snowmobilers coming to Barnes on Monday. It would be nice if Mother Nature cooperated. This area so depends on tourism. We also need warmer temperatures to make good ice for ice fishing!

I bowled twice this week. Monday was good! Regular league on Wed was horrible. I did not get my average once. Better luck next time. I believe we won one game!

My condolences to all Da Bears (my brother included) Fans! Better luck next year. His predictions of Da Bears and the Colts was not close. I guess I am pulling for Seattle now and my numbers.

Not too much else new around here!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Until next time....



Quote of the week:

"Each survival kit should contain a sense of humor!!!!"




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