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01/31/06 - 02/06/06???




Greetings from Winter Wonderland....Although we don't have allot of snow we have enough to ski, ice fish, snowmobile and all the great winter sports.

Bowling will have to wait another week as I just got the OK from Doc. I am feeling better. I am back to work and I now can bowl. I have missed everyone. I enjoy my bowling.

Congrats to the Steelers...even though I think the Ref's were favoring them. Boo hoo...none of my numbers came up. Better luck next year.

The Birkebiner is coming up in 2 weeks. Elliott will be doing the Barniebirkie. It is so cute to see the youngsters. Also the Olympics start this week. I thoroughly enjoy those. Kudos to Tina Scheer who was on the Survivor show. I went to High School with her. We had some wild times! No---not me!

Congrats to Jeremy and Melissa on the adoption of Shelby. She is beautiful!

Get well wishes to My dear Mother as she is facing some medical problems. Get well Mom! You are in my prayers!

The barstool races are Feb 18. Come support the Trading Post team. Even though I can't race---someone will be! It is at the Black Bear in Drummond. It benefits the Drummond Sno Jacks Snowmobile Club and helps with our trails.

I want to wish you all a Lovely Valentines...still searching for mine!!!!

Remember Mondays Coney's for a buck, Tuesdays tacos for a buck, Wednesdays wings for 25 cents Thursdays egg rolls for a buck. Anytime All day 2 buck Bloody Mary's. Wed for your dancing and listening pleasure Lore Merrill. Great Pizza 7 days a week! See you at the Post!

Have a great week!



Quote of the week: "A little smile adds a great deal to your face value!"
by ???????????????



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