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02/14/06 - 02/20/06???




Greetings from the north woods!

It's been a busy week for me! They all seem to be busy!

I want to take this time to say hello and good health to all the people that read this site. Those who are in need of a friend or a prayer or perhaps a hug. My mother especially! She is recovering from major surgery. My good buddy Sweetie Petey....good luck to you on your surgery.

My friend Bud needs continuous hugs...throwing them at ya! My brother Dan has been sick for a few weeks now. My Dad who has been so strong throughout my mother's sickness. My brother Larry....he is the best! He is always there for me day or night...thick or thin! My friend Jenneane...what would I do without her! I get so choked up thinking about all of you!

Bottom line you can't beat family friends and great employees! I love you all!

Wow what am I rambling about! Did I just win an academy award?
I guess I am feeling sentimental.

Bowling was fun! However I didn't do so well. I am slumping. Our team is holding it together. I think we are in second. I am not always positive about the standings and who won what! I usually just show up and whip it!

Pool league was as gas as usual. I got out of the smooch though. Seems that Ken chickened out or maybe he had a cold! Butch won all four games and Harley had an 8 ball break! I will not have to pay up the bet again to Mr. Maint, seems as if I am saved by the bell. Or should I say saved by the Barnie birkie. Elliott will be skiing in it. Good luck E!

Snow conditions are great! Trails are good. Ice is good! Life is good in Barnes! Come visit us!

Bar Stool race day was frigid! Nothing a bit of anti freeze couldn't cure! I think I over indulged. Thanks guys for taking over for me! Although we lost 2 straight a good time was had by all.

Have a great week!



Quote: "A heart filled with love always has something to give!" author:unknown



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