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03/07/06 - 03/13/06???








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Greetings from the North or shall I say my other home in Duluth at St Mary's. My Mom had another surgery on Sunday. She is still in ICU. I keep my chin up and go on. I am so proud of her. She has endured so much. Mom keep plugging away! My brother Larry was here from Indiana. He is wonderful! My other brother Dan is coming along with my aunt and uncle.

The St Pattie's/St Urho's parade is Sat. They march from Downtown Barnes to the Trading Post and then back. It is ala Mardi Gra style. It is an event not to miss! It breaks up the winter.

Speaking of winter....we had a terrible storm on Monday. Whiteout conditions as I drove to Duluth. Minneapolis is getting snow as well. They really had no snow all winter. The have got dumped on twice now. I heard perhaps more on Monday. They can have it....I am ready for spring.

Not much to report on as I have not been around.

Thanks to all of you for your support and prayers. Your the best!!!

Until next time....
Big Hugs

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