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03/14/06 - 03/20/06???








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Greetings to all!

The weather sure has done a 180. The snow is melting quickly. The days are getting longer. And I am loving it! I am ready to golf, boat, atv and enjoy the warm sun and longer days! Who else agrees?

My Mom is doing better. She is still in ICU but has made a little bit of progress. Thanks for all the cards, prayers and support. "Mom keep on plugging away." It has to be getting very frustrating for her as it is day 37. I am so proud of her continuously battling. She has endured more then anyone should have too!

Bowling last week was fun. I hadn't bowled in a couple weeks. I didn't do to well. We won 4-3 thanks to my team mates. It is also city tournament. I did extremely well last year. What a difference a year makes!

Many people have been catching fish through the ice. It isn't going to be long, though. The ice is melting rapidly.

My best wishes to Patti as she is having some health issues. Know that you are in our thoughts.

Thanks to everyone who has been helping me out while Mom is hospitalized. You are the best. I am so fortunate to know such caring loving people.

That's all for now!

Have a great week, everyone!


Quote of the week:  "Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice."  Author unknown.......



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