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03/28/06 - 04/03/06








Whew! Another week here and gone! Where do the days go, the months and the years?

I have been busy at the hospital with Mom. She has improved enough to warrant her pass out. She is now a temporary resident at Valley Health Care Facility in Hayward. I am confident she will get the appropriate care. She is a tough one! I am proud of you Mom. Just do to! As Elliott would say.

Man, oh man, the weather has been nice the past few days. Ice is out on all lakes. Well at least all the ones I have driven by!

Bowling was fun as usual. Even better that I bowled 483 for my 3 game series. Especially when my average is only 128. 99 pins more if I did the math correct! I believe we won all the points but it didn't matter as we ended up 2nd. We have one more week of bowling....then it is switch gears too golf. Yippee that means warm temperatures, something I relish.

On Sat May 13 George and Rosie Brugger will be having a 50th wedding anniversary party at the Trading Post starting at 2pm. I hope you can stop by to help them celebrate! 50 years of marriage deserves a bash! No gifts are requested.

April 20 will be our end of the year Spring Pool league Party. Everyone is welcome. We have a pool tournament and cribbage tournament. It starts at 6 p.m. I hope to see you here. Please bring a dish to pass.

April 22-23 will be our 3rd annual 9-ball pool tourney starting at noon. We sure had a blast last year! We hope you can join in the fun. Call Ken Lowery for more information (715) 795-2005.

Get well wishes to Shirley and Patti. I hope you get well soon. Hugs to both of you! Petey good luck at the Doc's. Hugs to Bud!

I want to wish everyone a happy blessed Easter.

Welcome back to all the snowbirds...they keep flocking in!

That's about all for this week. Until next time....

Big Hugs,




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