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04/11/06 - 04/17/06???








Greetings from the Northwood's!

Wow another week here and gone! And what a eventful week at that! It seems my weeks are getting fuller and fuller. I still haven't got out and hit the balls. My golf league starts next Wednesday. It's looking like I won't get out to practice.

The weather has been very nice. Trees are budding and the birds are singing. What a lovely time of the year.

Mom is still doing well at Valley Nursing Home. She is expected to go home soon. I am so proud of her. She has very little recollection of all she went through. Which is probably a good thing. Keep up the good work Mom!

Elliott started little league this week. Practice, practice, practice. It is so cute to watch those little one's play. He says he wants to be a catcher! Go for all I can say!

My prayers go out to Lori McCaske as she is in the hospital in Duluth. She is fighting cancer. Good Luck to Larry as he goes in for his heart on Monday. Shirley is improving. She had an MRI and is awaiting the results.

Bowling is officially finished. Banquet was at the bowling alley on Monday. A few of us stayed at the casino. Didn't gamble much just had fun!

Last Thursday was our end of the year Pool Party. It was fun as usual. Much great food and drinks a plenty. Larry took first in Pool and Harry took first in cribbage. See you all next year. Thanks for your patronage!

Congrats to Bugsy Nevin as he won Saturday's 9 ball pool tournament. Larry Lois fought through the loser's bracket to take second. Amy Krueth took 3rd. A good time was had by all. We had 17 shooters. We even let a few from Minneapolis shoot...even if they thought the motel was garage doors. Ha ha! Thanks, Ken for making the 3rd annual tournament a success. Thank you too, Harry for helping. And Bob and Mike for helping officiate. See you all next year.

On Sat May 13 George and Rosie Brugger will be having a 50th wedding anniversary party at the Trading Post starting at 2pm. I hope you can stop by to help them celebrate! 50 years of marriage deserves a bash! No gifts are requested.

Welcome back to all the snowbirds...they keep flocking in!

That's about all for this week. Until next time....

Big Hugs,


Quote of the week: " Don't tell me that worry doesn't do any good! The things I worry about don't happen!"



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