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04/25/06 - 05/02/06








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Whew another week gone! We are into the middle of May. Those elders that said wait until you get older the time REALLY flies. What an understatement!

The weather sure has been crummy! On the flipside we do need the rain. It has been so dry in our area for a number of years. Perhaps the lakes will rise. I am hoping for sunshine sometime soon.

My flooring looks beautiful thanks to Mountaineer Construction. It is simply beautiful. Thanks Jeremy and Dick for the extra interior decorating as well. Now I have been looking for furniture. Not an easy tasks but much better then looking for cars in my opinion.

Elliott and I were in LaCrosse last weekend for Jenneane's sons wedding. Derek and Nicole are two special people. The wedding was beautiful. All went well. I saw many people I hadn't seen in some time. The area is nice. Right on the Mississippi. I haven't spent much time there and we enjoyed it. I would love to go back an explore more.

Elliott had his first scrimmage game for little league. Boy those 2, 3, 4 graders have fun! We haven't got to practice much this week the weather hasn't warranted it!

I also was suppose to start golfing this week. Rain, rain go away! Maybe next.

Health issues all seem to be improving:
Kathy Minor suffered and stroke and heart attack after her recent surgery. Best wishes to you. I hope you continue to improve. I haven't heard any reports on Lori McCaske. My Mom is doing fine...enjoying homelife. Shirley Goldsmith is getting around better on her crutches. Keep improving Shirl we miss you! Larry is feeling fine after his recent bout as well. For all the rest I missed. You are in our thoughts!

Remember Sat is a 50th wedding anniversary for George and Rosie Brugger at the Trading Post at 2 pm. No gifts please! Also Sat is a smelt feed at the VFW...usually starts at noon with Bingo. Sounds like plenty to do on Saturday.

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I hope everyone has a magnificent week!

Until next time,



Quote of the week: "Live large!"



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