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05/03/06 - 05/09/06








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Whew what a week! I am a bit late on this week's sorry! It has been busy with social events and little league and shopping for my remodel and trips to the dentist (smiling now) and and and!

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day. I sure did. My Mother came to visit last Thursday. It was so special to me. It was like old times. We visited gossiped a bit and all around enjoyed each other's company. Mind you I said she drove over. It is still a miracle how far she has come. She is also walking without a walker. Simply amazing!

On Sunday a few of us went to Hinckley to celebrate Mother's Day and my birthday which was on Monday. Thanks for all the cards and gifts. It made my day more special.

Elliott had little league all week. Two practices and two games. They lost both games to Hayward teams. The second game was much closer. They have so much fun and so do us parents. It is allot of running but worth it in the end.

George and Rosie's 50th wedding anniversary was a great turn out. Those two will always hold a special part in my heart. I have known them for 30 years. Congrats again you two!!

We started golf on Wednesday. Argh, my body is stiff. I hadn't been out at all. The weather has not cooperated. Better luck this week.

This Sunday is customer appreciation for Rose Mann and Clayton as she has sold the Y-GO-BY. I wish them all the best on their new endeavors.

Best wishes to Kathy Minor as she is still recovering from a stroke. Special prayers too all who are facing health issues.

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Until next week....big big hugs!

Quote of the week: "Life is short ..Just do it!"



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