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05/17/06 - 05/23/06












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Can you believe this weather? It feels more like the 4Th of July not Memorial Day. In all my years here which is about 30...I have never seen a Memorial Day like this. 95 and sunny...unbelievable! The people were here in droves. The lakes were bustling and so were the restaurants. I think my staff and I are still beat!
By the way...You all did a GREAT JOB! You are the best! Summer is here! We made a boatload of pizzas. Breakfasts is also picking up. We decided to keep our chili and soups throughout the year.

Elliott and I went to the cemetery to remember his Daddy with beautiful flowers. Elliott asked about a beautiful wreath some anonymous person or people dropped off! I don't know! Steve must have some secret admirers :-) The flyover of the fighter jets was very intense and a great gesture.

Thanks for the hospitality of my Delta friends and the new ones Heather and Cary. The dinner was scrumptious. Thanks for including me!

Elliott went on his first ride with his Bombardier ATV. It was so busy out on Saturday we just took a ride to Sage's. We met the new owners. They seem very cordial! Good luck to you both!

Elliott's little league team won another game this week. I think the score was 499 to 498. Elliott got a nice hit. We had pictures this week and they batted with the pitching machine. Fun fun was had by all!

Golf was good as usual. Thanks Marge for subbing. I had a great time and our scores weren't too terrible. I so enjoy the game. I do need some help!

My brother Dan and my Aunt Wanda were here for a short visit. I only saw them briefly. I hope they had a nice visit.

Remember to plan your stays at the Wilderness Inn soon as the Motel is filling up quickly.

My prayers to those with health issues and our military as well!

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I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Until next time,



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