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05/23/06 - 05/29/06???












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Greetings from Barnes! Life is splendid and so is the weather. We have been keeping very busy! Business is great! Many summer people are making the trek up north. The weather is more like July weather. Trust me I am not complaining.

Isn't it strange how this business is? Saturday my night started with a difficult customer and ended with a warm nice pleasant one. Thanks Tim for introducing Craig and Amanda to the Barnes Area. I enjoyed visiting with you and Amanda welcome to Barnes!

Congratulations to Kevin Fleming and Hatie Horsley as they united in marriage last Sat. Best Wishes for the both of you and yours!

Little league was fun this past week. I believe we won 2 games and lost one. Hayward has a great little league program. My hats off to them.

Elliott had his last day of school on Friday. It is an adjustment for him and I. I have a few things planned. He will be (of course) playing little league, he will take golf lessons, he will be going to Camp Luther in July and the end of June is Camp Crosswoods. Of course we are trying to fit in Indiana and a jaunt to the Dells. Sounds like we have a fun summer planned!

I feel just awful as The Roehrs lost their home to fire this week. I haven't heard of any fund set up or if the house was a complete lost. I am sure the town will rally and help out.

I hope Mike Peterson is doing ok. He was stuck in the woods all evening last Thursday. We had storms that night. He was life-flighted to Duluth. I hope your on your way to recovery, Mike!

Congrats to little Brendan as he was baptized last Saturday. He is Jenneane's grandson.

I love this time of year. Everyone is hustling and bustling outside, boating, golfing, hiking, ATVing, walking, biking, bonfires, and BBQ's to name a few. Be safe and have fun!

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I hope all have a great week! Until next time....


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