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06/13/06 - 06/19/06

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The summer is in full force! People are everywhere. The lakes are full of fishing boats and pontoons and Jetski's. Businesses are hustling and bustling. We all need to make hay while the sun shines.

Elliott had his first golf lesson. He won the putting contest. We too go! He finished up with little league on Sat. They had a playoffs. Unfortunately Hayward beat us. Not by much maybe 3 or 4 runs. It was also a very weird day. As it rained most of the later afternoon and early evening. Barnes didn't get any rain. We need rain!

Elliott is off to Camp Horsestick. It is at the Crosswoods Camp in Delta. I beat he is having a wonderful time. I never went to camp as a child but it seems like it would be very fun. He is with a few kids he knows.

Golf was fun for me as usual. I am improving a little. That makes me continue on!

My get well wishes to Terry Dorn as he fell off a ladder. He is the backboard for the 4th of July softball team I sponsor. He will be scorekeeping or coaching this year. We play at 9 am on Sat.

Also get well wishes to Barb Witt as she is battling some health issues. Also to Lori MaCaske. And continued support to Kathy Minor. May you all find peace love and hope!

It is going to be a very busy week. The fourth is coming fast.

Enjoy safe and have fun!

Big, big hugs! Until next time!




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