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06/20/06 - 06/26/06

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As I say the population of Barnes is 601, 6000 on a weekend and 6 million on the 4th of July. This week was no different. All the festivities were well attended. My softball team won the Zero's tournament and went undefeated. Second place was the Decoy! I missed out on the chicken but I heard it was fab!

The fireworks were great! We watched them from the Lois residence! The scuttlebutt after was they were better than Gordon's which are very highly rated! Hat's off to the firework committee.

The parade was great as usual. It seems every year there is more and more participants. The theme was childhood fantasies! I sponsored a float from the Tars Pond area. Thorns, Solberg's and friends did an outstanding job. I heard they placed 3rd. The flyover was incredible. Thanks to Steve Vanderburg. Not only was there one, but two jets flew over the parade. I didn't actually see them but the roar was heard in the Trading Post.

Thanks to all my employees! A great job was done by all. It was record busy as it usually is over the 4th. It always seems that we make it through. You are the best!

Welcome aboard to Monica as she is a new dishwasher. She is Ken and Bev Lowry's granddaughter.

Now it is back to normal. Of course, what is normal. It seems this area is getting busier and busier.

Reminder: Call for your lodging needs as rooms are filling up quickly!

Until next week.....

Big. Big HUGS to all in need and all the rest!




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