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07/04/06 - 07/10/06

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Whew what a scorcher! The weather has been so darn hot! The grass is dead and most flowers look peaked. The fire danger is extreme. We haven't had any significant rain to speak of. I am now doing rain dances. The weather has broke some. From 105 to 90. That is reprieve. In weather like this the only thing to do is stay in air conditioning or camped out in the lake and drink plenty of water.

Golf was fun as usually. I been hitting the ball pretty well for me! Anyway you look at it, I have fun! I love the 19th hole. Elliott's golf was good as well. He was learning the correct stance. Pretty soon he will be kicking my butt.

We visited Hayward and he enjoyed the go carts!

My get well wishes to a former coworker I worked with at Maurice's. Rae Ann was diagnosed with multiple sclrorosis. Hang in there Rae Ann!

Other than that, not much to report on!
I hope everyone is staying cool!
Be careful---be safe---have fun!

Until next week,
Big Hugs!

Words from the wise: "To profit from good advice requires more wisdom than to give it." by John Churton Collins



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