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07/11/06 - 07/17/06

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Greetings from the north woods. I hope everyone had a splendid week.
The weather continues to be hot and dry. We have extreme conditions. No burning no campfires. Red flags are out!

Golf was fun as usually. I think the 19th hole is the one that gets me.
Elliott had camp over the weekend in Three Rivers. It was a fast one! He did enjoy it! I went on to Burlington to stay with Keith and Colleen. They are always so gracious and the hospitality is wonderful. I got to see Greg and Sue and Jeff and Karen. Thanks for the hospitality Greg and Sue even though I didn't win a card game!

Lori McGaskie is digressing and comatose. My condolences to her family!
Get well wishes to Harlan as he is hospitalized with a bad back. I hope all is well with Bonnie as she went to the hospital. Get well Bon and Harlan we love you!
We have been quite busy. My employees continue to do a outstanding job. You are the best!

Other then that not much to report on!  I hope everyone is staying cool!
Be careful---be safe---have fun!

Until next week,
Big Hugs

Words from the wise: To speak wisely may not always be easy, but not to speak ill requires only silence.



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