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08/01/06 - 08/07/06

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Another week has flown by. People are everywhere. Getting in their vacations, swimming hiking, ATVing, boating,family reunions, weddings and all the usual "stuff" that summer brings.

Now its time to switch gears. Time to get ready for back to school and fall. I am sure we still have great weather ahead of us. It remains very dry. We do need rain.

This weekend is the annual Barnes Zeros men's softball tournament. I heard there was 15 teams. It sure helps the economy in Barnes. The VFW will be hustling and bustling. Don't forget the Chicken BBQ on Sat. Yummy!

Golf was good again until the 9th hole. I got stuck in the sand again. Our bowling starts soon. The Wed after Labor day. Golf continues on until Sept 13, I believe.

Elliott and I went for our yearly check up to the dentist. He was very nervous. I guess most of us dread going there but when it's all over we are relieved.

My condolences to the Rodney Birk family. He passed away last week! Also to Bob Stansky as his mother passed away!

Welcome to Amber she is a new employee!

Not much else to report.

Until next time have fun, be safe, live large!
Hugs, Sharon

Quote: "And the song, from beginning to end, I found in the heart of a friend."
by: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



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