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08/08/06 - 08/14/06

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Greetings from the North woods.

I hope everyone had a fantastic week.
Elliott traveled to the Lois' reunion in Burlington Wisconsin. I don't think Auntie spoiled him much. Ha ha! They had a wonderful trip. I was informed he was a good boy! Is there any other way?

I was busy working and golfing and working and and and!

Golf was fun as usual. We have 3 weeks left. I start bowling in a week.

The kids return to school next week. Elliott seems to be ready. Summer is winding down.

We made it through another busy weekend. It was men's softball tournament. It should be a bit slower now. This is a slower weekend due to next weekend is a holiday.

We are going to miss our summer friends and cabin owners and resort guests. Thanks to all of you for making our summer.

We will also be missing Judy as she will return to her teaching position in St Paul. Thanks for your help this summer. Love ya! I have the best staff. You all rock!

Packers looked good last week. Go Pack!!!

Not much else to report on. I hope everyone has a healthy week. My prayers to all in need!

Until next week have a fabulous week.
Hugs Sharon

Quote of the week: "There are no rules for friendship. It must be left to itself. We cannot force it anymore then love." William Hazlitt



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