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08/29/06 - 09/04/06

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Greetings from the land of color. The leaves are rapidly changing. The color is intense! The weather has gone from warm to brisk in a short time. We have had 3-5 hard frosts already. Darn I am not ready for this yet. We did get a bit of rain this week. Not nearly enough but I guess we take what we can.

Golf is finished now. Another sad sign that summer is over. Bowling is in full swing. I bowled pretty well this week. We won 5-7 points. Not too shabby. I bowled my average all three games. Yee haw!

I want to thank everyone who patronized the Barnes Trading Post and donated to the Steve Hough Memorial Scholarship Fund. I will be contributing $1300.00. It sure seemed different not golfing this year. I guess all good things must eventually end!

Football games this week. Hmmm...on to the next subject. No. Packers did look a bit better. Congrats to the Vikes. Go Badgers! Maybe next week. I am sorry I missed my Green Bay friends this weekend. Happy Birthday Jon. I hope you had a blast. Theresa maybe one of this times I will meet you :-) I hope your Mom is doing ok...Terry. We will soon be visiting your area.

My well wishes to Chad Hunter and Don Anderson as both were life-flighted this week. Get well guys! Too all that are ill or heart is with you and your families.

Happy Birthday Nancy...I am so sorry I forgot. Please forgive me. Happy, happy days!

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See ya next trip!

Quote: "Life is too short to be small." by Disraeli
"Live Large!!!!" by Sharon Hough :-)



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