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09/05/06 - 09/11/06

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Greetings from the north where the colors are vivid and bright! We have been getting the much needed precipitation. It has been damp and cool and a bit dreary. Hunters are plentiful. Deer hunters, bear hunters, grouse hunters, fisher people(wow does that sound weird) I hope everyone is getting the big one! My buddy Frank Cane bagged a huge bear...I believe it was 480 lbs. Now that's big!

Word out is Harlan was the marksman at the Thursday shoot off. A few of the guys go and shoot clay targets. Congrats to ole eagle eye!

Bowling was swell for me 2 weeks in a row. I bowled very well for me. I like to think average average average. Then bowl it!

Elliott is adjusting to school now. His teacher Mrs. Oravis seems to be a good one! We met at a pizza party last Thursday. The 3rd graders have a huge field trip in the spring. They go to the St Paul children's museum for a lock down night. The pizza party was a kick off to get acquainted with the trip and start planning.

Speaking of kickoffs....yeehaw to the Pack. They played a pretty good game. Congrats to the Bears as they defeated the Vi queens I mean kings! The Badgers lost to Michigan they played well the first half. Go teams go-- this week!

Welcome to my two new employees: June Kronberg and Jeremy Berg. Welcome aboard!!!

I had an 8th district caucus at Lakewood's for the Wi tavern league. The food was scrumptious and nice to have meet a few people. I will be seeing most of them at Green Bay in a week or so!

Remember to book your rooms early! Many weekends are filling up fast. I have plenty of rooms for Thanksgiving and the 2nd weekend of deer season.

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That's all for now----have a lovely week!
Big hugs until next time....hunt safe, drive safe, party safe!

Quote of the week: "Life is a precious gift. Keep it wrapped in love." unknown author



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