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09/12/06 - 09/18/06
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Greetings from the sunny north woods. Indian summer is upon us after that cold snap! The leaves are on the down side now! YES yes we had snow or perhaps a hail storm sounds better! That was Tuesday. On Monday I bowled and golfed 18 holes and walked miles. Well it was 80 degrees what do you expect! I love warm weather. It could stay until Dec 25 for all I care. Then bring on the snow for the snowmobilers.

My condolences to the Gary Weldon family as he passed away recently. I believe his Mom still lives in Cable. There is a service Oct 13 or 14 in Barnes. I am sorry I don't know the complete particulars....but if needed I could find out!

Bear Season is over now. Bill Brugger's girlfriend Karen's son had a tag. A total stranger to him offered his expertise to take him hunting. How admirable on his part! There are still some wonderful people in this world. Shaun was thrilled. They even came and helped him skin and quarter the bear. I love these happy stories.

Bowling was bad for me. We lost all games to the last place team. Egads we need help! No help on my part! It can't be for lack of practice as I subbed on Monday. Better luck next week.

Apple fest is this weekend in Bayfield. There will be numerous people around. Enjoy the apples!

Not much else to I am hurrying this along!

Hugs to everyone in need and for those who don't.
Have a great week.

Quote of the week: "There is a lot of thanks in giving."
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