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10/03/06 - 10/09/06
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Well I woke up to white stuff this week. I bit early don't you think! I suppose we are going to be in for a cold snowy winter. The kind that we are use to having! It will be good for hunting season and for snowmobiling and ice fishing.

I officially am a Tavern League Convention survivor. These conventions are tough on you! This league is so strong. It really is mind boggling to see the strength of this organization. I met some wonderful people. Fuzzy Thurston was promoting is new book and was making guest appearances. The general manager of the Packers was a keynote speaker. We heard from most political candidates and formed our endorsements. Please remember to vote on Nov 7. Check out the to see more about this fine organization.
Now on to the next business...I will be making a trip to Betty Ford center. Just kidding!

I am the host of our local fundraiser for the Tavern League. It is a fundraiser for our local league. It will be a fun afternoon on Sunday and the Packers have a bye week. Speaking of the Packers, they are in the rebuilding stage. Bears are looking good. The Badgers are kicking butt. Go teams go!

Although the fall colors are done...we still are keeping busy with all the other activities that go along with fall. ATVing has been huge. Hunting is always a big deal. Congrats to all who have bagged the big one!

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My heart goes out to anyone in need of prayers at this time. I am with you.

Until next time, be large...have fun!
Love yas

Quote of the week: "The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the way a man uses them." unknown author



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